Attention restaurant and bar owners:

Do you want to increase your bottom line?
Are you looking to spend more time with your customers?
Do you need simple, efficient inventory solutions?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Inventory Solutions Group has answers for your restaurant, bar or nightclub.

Oftentimes many restaurant and bar owners find that they are losing money and wasting valuable time trying to keep track of their inventory. But with ISG, your bar or restaurant can stop throwing away precious time and money today!

At Inventory Solutions Group, we do more than just the physical inventory for your club, bar or restaurant, we're dedicated to the accountability of your inventory and we're consistently looking for ways to help you save money and cut cost.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative inventory services that:

  • Empower restaurant and bar owners like never before
  • Dramatically raise the performance bar
  • Provide you with options that cater to the individual needs of your bar, restaurant or club. 

At ISG, we provide our customers with an inventory method and reporting package that is based on sound financial principles of restaurant accounting. And the benefits don't stop there.

  • Secure online access to reports
  • Prime cost calculation
  • Improved accuracy in reporting
  • Your bar or restaurant will become more efficient
  • Better internal controls and an improved system of checks and balances

Prime Cost Calculation - ISG takes into consideration the items your bar utilized during any specific period and uses the information to calculate your bars budgeted pour cost. From week to week your bar's liquor cost can swing more than 4% ranging anywhere from 13% or lower to 17% or higher. Why do you want to know this? Because your restaurant inventory reports are less valuable unless you compare the items your bar physically sold to what your bar records stated you should've sold.

Timely Responses - With weekly, daily or monthly inventories, bar managers can better respond to cost issues and ultimately save possibly thousands of dollars in liquor cost.

Checks and Balances - As a third party inventory company, Inventory Solutions Group provides bar, restaurant and club owners with information that they can trust to be true and accurate. We remain completely unbiased and there's no incentive or benefits to adjusting numbers or misreporting data.

Improved Accuracy - All liquor items are weighed on scales for a more accurate pour or liquor cost.

Service and Value - Our liquor inventory services typically cost about the same as doing the equivalent project in house. In addition, our services utilize fewer of your resources, frees up more of your time, and the information that you receive is better detailed and more accurate.

Imagine: A company that comes into your bar, restaurant or nightclub and physically counts and weighs all of your alcoholic beverage and provides you with a customized bar report that helps to reduce your liquor cost and save you thousands. All of this for about the same cost as a retail bottle of Premium liquor!

ISG will also alleviate the burden associated with a physical inventory count, data entry, and analysis and provide you with a reporting package that's practical enough to help any level of management make responsible financial decisions.

Reduce Taxable Liability Exposure in the Event of an Audit - An inaccurate inventory or theft behind the bar can increase your exposure to a higher tax liability in the event of an State Comptroller audit or even a visit by the TABC. Don't wait for the TABC or State Comptroller to visit your bar or restaurant in order to discover that have a serious problem with your liquor cost. It could cost you thousands!


At Inventory Solutions Group, our services include:

  • Restaurants, bars and clubs - Daily, weekly, or monthly onsite inventory audits of all liquor, beer, and wine beverages.
  • All open liquor and wine items are placed on scales for improved accuracy.
  • A summarized snapshot and detailed reporting package that highlights pour cost, purchases, theoretical sales, purchase details, changes in vendor costs, graphs, charts, and more.
  • Assistance with setting pars and streamlining the ordering process.

Think you can't afford us? You can't afford not to have us!

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